Swiss Avenue Capital is a Texas based private investment firm that focusses on sourcing and offering real estate backed investments. Swiss Avenue Capital delivers high yield returns on deals that are conservatively underwritten and structured to best mitigate risk while still producing stable and predictable returns for our investors.


Swiss Avenue Capital’s ability to underwrite, fund and service loans in house allows us to best identify opportunities for our investors in one on the nation’s strongest markets for housing demand, stability, and affordability.

Swiss Avenue Capital’s executive team has over seventeen years of combined experience and have successfully financed over $245 million of real estate transactions.


Swiss Avenue Funding is a Texas based mortgage originator, financial intermediary, and direct lender that focuses on offering our borrowers the best in-market loan solutions for their real estate development opportunities. Our team provides our clients with first-class service and optimal financing structures to help them achieve their real estate goals.

Swiss Avenue Capital is strategically aligned with Swiss Avenue Funding to provide these borrowers with their capital requirements. We lend our investor’s capital against qualified real estate development projects, focusing on conservative underwriting and short-term deployment. Swiss Avenue Funding’s borrowers enjoy financing to bring their projects to fruition, while Swiss Avenue Capital’s investors enjoy target 7% returns.


Swiss Avenue Capital operates a Blind Pool Mortgage-Backed Real Estate Fund to maximize leverage and returns for investors, with the pooled structure also mitigating risk through asset diversification.


The Fund will invest in real estate opportunities that offer a compelling risk to reward profile and equitable returns within 6-36 months. The Fund targets a weighted average loan-to-after renovation value of 70%, with target 7% returns distributed quarterly to our investors.

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Swiss Avenue’s investment strategy aims to produce consistent and attractive high yield returns with the security of real estate backed collateral. These are designed to outperform tradition options like banks, bonds or CDs, while not exposing investors to the risks and volatility of the stock market. Our Investment Strategy focusses on three main principles:



- Focused on the Texas market which currently leads the nation for stability, demand, growth, and affordability

- Diversification on asset classes and multi-level deals through a blind-pool fund structure.

- Stringent borrower underwriting guidelines and borrower rate tiers.

- Loan loss reserves and prepaid borrower interest escrows.



- Real estate brick and mortar backed collateral.

- Loans are in first lien position.

- Maximum loan-to-after repaired value of 70%

- Short term loan durations from only 6 months



- Target 7% annual investor returns

- Quarterly distributions

- Reinvestment options available

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The Fund is offering investment opportunities and membership interest to investors under an exemption from securities registration afforded by Regulation D, Rule  506(c). There are eight (8) separate definitions of accredited investors, under which an investor may qualify, 





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